Glenridge Walk-In Clinic offers Health services in St. Catharines, Ontario area. To get more details you can call us on (289) 362-5333. Working hours: Monday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Thursday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Sunday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The doctor is really nice and understanding. The pharmacy staff take their time in explaining everyt... -Abena Himah

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  • Jill Conroy photo
    Jill Conroy5 months ago

    I attend this clinic when I require unexpected access to medical care, as my family physician is located in Hamilton, attributable to the shortage of doctors in this area. I have always been treated well and respectfully, and my problem appropriately addressed. I do not understand the negative medical reviews, here. What do people expect? A warm, fuzzy and chummy hospitality-like atmosphere?!

  • Abena Himah photo
    Abena Himah6 months ago

    Glenridge Walk-In Clinic, the doctor is really nice and understanding. The pharmacy staff take their time in explaining everything to you.

  • Ryan Penney photo
    Ryan Penney6 months ago

    I read all the negative reviews and decided to go here anyway. I saw immediately why they get so many negative reviews, and would disregard all of them. the place was jammed and their were only about 6 patients there, everyone brought their friends like it was some kind of hang out. I also noticed the "patients" were fine until they were called, and you could immediately see all their illnesses. I had no issues at all. i was diagnosed and treated quickly and efficiently. no issues at all.

  • Mary Rogers photo
    Mary Rogers9 months ago

    I honestly don’t understand the negative comments!! I have been to this clinic for the last 3 years and every time have been treated with nothing but respect!! I was there Wednesday and yes while the wait was long, it was the ‘after dinner rush’, the doctor on that day is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and has helped figure out what was going on with my health. (My fam dr didn’t seem to care to even try) The girl at the front that evening was friendly and clearly knew how to do her job!! I love this clinic and am happy to have found it!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  • Evan Van A photo
    Evan Van A9 months ago

    I usually only show up here for refills, but I'm always prepared to wait. I find it's usually busy (which I expect as a lot of people in south end St Catharine's live close to this clinic) and for the most part, I haven't had any negative experiences there... however, there is a younger doctor that works there and I swear this drop dead gorgeous man is the only reason I haven't gone somewhere else. He's easy go talk to, and so easy on the eyes.
    Overall service 5/10
    Hot doctors 11/10

  • Ashley Ross photo
    Ashley Ross10 months ago

    I won't be wasting my time sitting here again. We sat and waited over 3 hours. The lady next to me was coughing so badly that I thought for sure I'd catch some thing. No face mask was offered to this sick women spreading all her germs on the people next to her because she wasn't covering her mouth. It was disgusting. I understand when you're sick you can't help most things but common sense would be cover your mouth. Kids are taught this at a young age so why couldn't this elderly lady think to do the same. . We went into the room to see the doctor where he was rushing us and wouldn't listen to what was being said. He gave me a referral to give to the front desk and they never faxed it off. I had to call 3 times to send the referral for the tests my child needed. When explaining what was going on with my child the doctor was not even listening but was looking at his phone not once not twice but 3 times in my opinion that's unprofessional. When blood work was ordered I was told to come back for results and the receptionist who was rude i might add wouldn't allow me to book an appointment but said I have to walk in and sit and wait to be called in. Umm no thank you. Then when I asked for the results as my child is underage I was told no I need to speak to the child. Seriously do you really think a 7 year old will know what the hell they are being told when it comes to results.. Seriously what is wrong with this place. I will never be going back here.

  • kayteakinz photo
    Kayteakinz11 months ago

    Very careless and unorganized staff. I went to be refered to an OB and was given a false date and time. When I called to confirm the date and time was told they don’t even have my name on file and they aren’t even open on the day I was told my appointment was. What a joke. The doctor I seen was the older gentlemen. It wasn’t busy at all there was no one in the waiting room but he certainly sent me on my way as fast as possible. Very unprofessional. Find somewhere else to go especially if your pregnant!

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